• Wow!  You really are the T-Jet Doctor.
  • Call Karl Steele. He knows more about these machines than anyone alive. He worked for US Screen and headed up their service department. -Mark
  • Karl has been helping me fix this machine for a few weeks now. He is awesome. We have come this far... I guess I'll wait for him to call me back today.
  • I agree 100 %. Their tech guy Mr Steele, helped me out getting this (tjet3) running again. Something no other company could. I would def recommend them.
  • I second the Thanks to Steeletec and Karl. They are reliable, dependable, and the most knowledgeable people. Some of us bought our t-3's from the same company who wants to charge us to give us for support and it’s great to have an alternative. I know where my money is going to go that's for sure. Thanks again guys!
  • I am here to say that Karl Steele     is the most helpful person that I have found in this business. I recommend him to anyone with a T-jet. Without telling a very long story I will just say that he has gone out of his way to help me understand my machine and help me.
  • Karl helped me get my machine back and running! He was so patient in explaining my issues to me in depth and allowing for me to ask questions of him to get the full understanding. For the first time in 2 years, I am finally understanding my machine more and what is the correct way to keep it running at its best.
  • Mr Steele,  I just wanted to write and tell you thank you so much for your assistance with my blazer express. One of the screws was loose on the small wheel. I tightened that up and it works better than it has in a while! The prints were good before I started having the problem but now they are much clearer. So I have been printing like crazy getting caught up.   If you need any reference please feel free to contact me.
  • Hi Karl, You are a legend.  I cleaned the Timing Belt and the grooves in the spigot on the CR motor, then re-set the encoder strip.  Started the machine up and away it went, just like new.   Thanks again for your support. Regards - Neil
  • Karl,  his did do the trick-I had to do this once before when I first got the machine and totally forgot about it.  Thanks sooo much for your help--you are truly a lifesaver!   - Adrienne
  • Thanks again Karl, You guys are the greatest. My T-Jet2 is running great now. It was a tuff problem but you stuck to it all day - Ken
  • Karl, Thank You for all your help.  Our Blazer Express seems to be running great (right now).  Once again THANK YOU for all of your help - Bruce
  • So excited, forgot to write first.  It seems I am back in business.  THANK YOU, SO MUCH.  I wanted to quit more than once, but you stayed with me.  I so appreciate it. Truly - Rocki
  • I have worked with Karl for many years, and all of my main customers and dealers had nothing but wonderful things to say about Karl. He always knew what he was talking about, made the customers feel good and helped people solve their problems. Over the years of working with him, he has helped hundreds if not thousands of people solve issues with their direct to garment printer and he would be the first person I would contact if I needed help with a direct to garment printer. - Aaron Montgomery

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Pflugerville, TX 78660

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